Boor Custom
Boor Custom

About us

Amused by the style of classical English motorcycles and inspired by the age of Cafe Racer, we have decided to build custom motorcycles based on reliable Japanese bikes. Our conception is to create a simple and clean design by hiding such parts of the motorcycle as the battery, electronics and certain shapes. This approach makes it possible to come up with a clean overall outfit in which the block, the frame and the tank dominate. Our motorcycles are transitions between the Cafe Racer and Dirt-track style machines. The most important goals we have set are to maintain the function of motorcycling and to build custom bikes for daily use.

About the process

During the process of customization the frames were transformed, moreover a rock solid front chassis and a powerful break system were installed to the Honda CB750KZ. In the case of Yamaha XJ600, the battery was mounted at the foot of the rear swingarm, while in the case of Honda CB750KZ it was placed into the box built in the tank. When working on the Yamaha XJ600, the most challenging step was to change the original rear central suspension strut, because a classical two-sided telescope construction was conceptualized to be performed, therefore HD Sportster telescopes were used.

The result speaks for itself.